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Partner with a micro agency you can trust to run your FB ads campaign and get the results your business deserves (Hello ROIs!)

Ever wondered what makes some FB ad campaigns successful and some not so much?

Instead of wasting your time trying to read a hundred more articles or take even one more course, you’d rather just hire someone you trust to make your campaign one of the successful ones, right?

What We Do​

Social Media Ads

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, or something in between. We've got you covered.

Email Marketing

If Facebook went down tomorrow, would you be able to reach your audience? Having an email list is essential.

Funnel Strategy

If you aren't sending people somewhere, they won't go anywhere. Understanding what makes a good funnel is key.

At Golden Coast Marketing, we create seriously successful campaigns for our clients thanks to our...


At the end of the day you are selling to people. We not only stay on top of industry trends but society's pulse too.We keep track of how social, political and economic trends impact your audience AND how they are clicking, booking and buying.


Let's be honest - just keeping up with Facebook is pretty much a full time job. Our small team of specialized marketers is fully engaged in keeping our skills sharp and our strategies up to date.


We have over ten years of marketing experience and our CEO Karen holds on MBA with a concentration with Marketing. We know how to create great marketing campaigns, but most importantly - we can immediately recognize campaigns that won't give you a good ROI no matter how much you track, test and retarget.


We’ve gotten the very best results for clients who trust the process. Communication and transparency are two of our top priorities and we will never take a client we don’t think we can help make more money or substantially grow their lead base. We don’t play that game.

So why should you trust us to handle your campaign?

Even if an agency has lots of good reviews and testimonials, it’s hard to KNOW that they know what they’re doing and aren’t just letting your account burn money.


We’re not just another marketing agency where you’re just another account and the CEO doesn’t even know who you are.

When you hire us, you get more than an agency. You get a partner.

Karen and I have worked together on various projects and she always goes above and beyond. She’s done ads for me to help me grow my email list and online presence. With her help my page has grown to over 6k and my email list continues to grow effortlessly. She is now helping me with my first digital course launch. I feel confident because I have an expert on my side to answer all of my digital marketing questions. I would recommend Karen if you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable about Facebook ads and email marketing and just anything relating to digital marketing.
Siendo Saludable

Ready to take the stress out of your digital marketing?

Through our proven processes we help clients define their goals and audience so we can design the specific client roadmap to help them get more clients and sales. We execute a strategy that combines great words, visuals and marketing magic to help you pierce through the noise and get results. And we don’t stop there. We are constantly analyzing and reviewing to make sure your marketing is optimized and reaching the right people.

“I want my clients to get off the hamster wheel and the hustle and grind. Team no sleep? No thank you.”

Karen Escobar, Owner and Founder of Golden Coast Marketing

Are you ready to take the next step?

From the initial research stages (for audience conception), to the brand-specific graphics, to the variety of Facebook ads that were created, every step of my launch I felt taken care of. Karen was timely to respond and handled any issues with Facebook directly. For the first time ever, I’ve seen a profit when using Facebook ads. I will definitely be using them again for my next launch.
Raya Reaves
Financial Coach
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