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Digital marketing isn’t just about putting out great content, and running an ad campaign isn’t just about praying that Facebook will show your ads to the right people. It’s about putting together a strategy that not only works for you, but also for your audience. 

Your audience deserves to learn about your great offer and we want to help you do it. 

What we offer

We have different package options that we can pair you with depending on where you are in your business. 

If You want to


If you want to learn about ads and know just enough to be dangerous, our Thrive Facebook Ads course is an affordable self-paced course to get you started learning about ads. 

It also gives you steps to launch ads yourself if you’re still in the DIY phase of your business. 

If You want An


If you want to have an expert in your corner, but may not be able to afford to work with an agency at the moment, our done-with-you Ambitious Entrepreneur Society is a great option. This monthly membership provides you with support from our experts in a community setting. 

You can grow your business with confidence knowing you have an expert in your corner and a community of fierce entrepreneurs who share your big goals.

If You want to


If you’re ready to scale your business and want to partner with a marketing agency, we’re ready to work with you.

Our Premier Digital Marketing Package includes:

– Strategy session where we will discuss your business, goals, and review data about your current customer base
– A customized marketing plan that outlines how we plan to maximize your campaigns
– Specially designed ad images to ensure we capture the attention of your audience
– Copy written by a bonafide wordsmith to ensure your ads connect and drive action
– Necessary pixel installation and custom events
– Ongoing analysis and optimizations for your campaigns
– Monthly reporting of campaign performance
– Monthly 1:1 calls to go over campaign performance
– Unlimited email support

We're a great fit if you...

I hired Karen for a marketing and email campaign for my photography business. She absolutely went above and beyond her duties and was hands down the best professional I worked with in 2019. She is super knowledgeable and good at marketing. Everything she did for me was exceptional and she did most things early. She is also super organized and on top of things which is great because I needed someone to take initiative on the campaign. Every job she was hired to do she did amazingly well and even helped explain to me how to do it myself afterwards and created videos for me to understand my marketing campaigns and how I can edit and move forward without her doing it for me. She is incredible! Highly highly recommend and worth every penny.
Branson Maxwell Photography

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We're probably not a good fit if you...

Testing audiences and creative is a process. Rushing it will cost you more in the long run. 

Our goal is not to make you work harder, but to make you work smarter. We create realistic projections for you and we’ll never lie to you about what is feasible for your business. 

All good things take time including: building campaigns, optimizing your ads, working up copy, creating images, and testing your audience. We promise though, it’s worth the wait.

Frequently Asked Questions


From the time you sign up as a client to us pressing live on your ads it takes on average 2-3 weeks. We always recommend planning ahead as much as possible so if you give yourself even more time than this, even better!


Results vary but we encourage clients to work with us for at least 90 days. This allows us to test what works best for your audience, get the ads optimized and analyze your entire funnel in the process.

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