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If you’re a business owner with a Facebook page, you get emails all the time about boosting posts. It goes something like “you could be reaching 50,000 people if you just boost a post!”. Or some other outrageous number like that. But what does boosting a post on Facebook DO exactly? That’s what I’m here to decode my friends.

So first, let’s start with what a posted boost is not.

it’s not A way to increase website click

Boosting a post won’t get you more people to your website. Facebook wants to keep people on its platform as much as possible (that’s why lives and videos do so well). So when you boost a post, Facebook is not optimizing for links to your site.

it’s not a way to increase website conversion

Boosting a post won’t get you more sales on your website. Boosting a boost will get you likes and maybe some shares but Facebook is not optimizing for sales when you boost a post.

it’s not a way to generate leads or grow your email list

If you’re boosting a post as a way to get people to opt-in to your freebie so you can grow your email list, you’re going to be disappointed. Boosting a post will optimize for engagements, not conversions into your lead magnet.

Ok, so then what does boosting a post do??

When you boost a post, all Facebook is doing is optimizing for engagement on that post: more likes, shares, comments, etc. And while you can choose an audience, your options are limited to: people who like your Page, people who like your Page and their friends and People you choose through targeting. This targeting however, doesn’t let you target by things like behavior, custom audiences, etc. Also, you can’t control the placement of your ads.

Boosting a post can quickly eat through your budget and not give you a good return on your investment. There are much better ways to stretch those marketing dollars.

Using social media ads to increase clientele, leads, grow your email list, etc., is an amazing strategy. That’s why I highly recommend Facebook and Instagram Ads. You can get really granular on your audience, set a daily, monthly or campaign long spending limit.

You can test different audiences and creative to find exactly what works for YOUR dream client.

So my advice: Don’t waste your hard earned dollars boosting posts. If you’re ready to get more dream clients and more revenue with less work, let’s schedule a coffee date!

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