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As a small business, you should constantly work to create a robust warm audience. This helps increase sales and keep marketing costs down during sales and launches since people purchase from people they know, like and trust . One way to do this is by creating a visibility ad from a Facebook Live video. In past posts we’ve talked about installing the Facebook Pixel on your site to gather information about your audience, as well how to create a Facebook Business Manager account so you can start running some ads.

Why a visibility ad?

You may be asking, why should I spend money on a visibility ad? Why not just got directly for conversions into my funnel or sales? By using a video to create visibility, you can get people into your world for just a few cents per view so this strategy actually stretches your marketing dollars.

This will also help decrease your costs for conversions into your funnel since people will already be familiar with your brand when you ask them for their email address.

How to create a visibility ad using your existing content

To create a visibility ad from your existing content, first go through your lives and pick one that has done well (good engagement, a higher than average amount of views, etc.). This is the content that you will use for your ad.

Go to your business manager and create a new campaign. Your objective should be video views. The purpose of this ad is to build your warm audience since you can retarget people who have watched your video. 

The goal here is to get visible with your ideal client. If you don’t have a video you can use from your page, then GO LIVE. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in front of your audience, people want to get to know you and see you. 

Make sure your video addresses the pain points of your ideal client and gives information that your audience will find valuable. The purpose of this video is not to pitch your products and services. It is to show up as the expert, build a relationship with your audience and give them something that will make them want to learn more about you. If you can give them actionable items and provide a mini-win, even better.

Once you’ve chosen your video, set a budget of at least $15 per day and run it for 5 days. From there you can see how many people watched, how long they watched for, and what your audience demographics looked like for this ad.

Some tips for the video in your ad:

  • Keep it to 5-10 minutes. If you really want to you can go longer but make sure it’s really great content that will keep people engaged for that long.
  • Make sure there’s a Call to Action (CTA). Whether it’s liking your page, joining your group, following your YouTube channel, etc. But make sure you’re giving people a way to stay connected with you.

Ok, what do i do with these video views?

The great thing about videos, is that you can use them as a custom audience for your ads.

Now that you’ve gotten dozens of views on your video you can retarget (aka show this ad to people who have already engaged with your business in some way), people who watched your live, whether it was through the ad or when you initially went live.

Now you can show video viewers the ad for your freebie, your webinar, etc. or even a low cost trip wire.

Because they’ve already come in contact with you and may have even engaged with you on your video, these people are much more likely to convert and give you their email address.

I use this strategy with my clients to grow their audience and keep ads cost down.

Now go create that amazing ad! And if you need more help, join my Facebook group for tips, tutorials, how-tos and to get your specific questions answered.

If you’re ready to level up your marketing and want an expert in your corner, check out our Thrive Facebook Ads course.  In this course, we deep dive into Facebook ads and I show you exactly how to create ads that get your more dream clients and more revenue, without all the stress!

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