In order to get started with Facebook ads, you need to create a business manager account. This allows you to create more detailed ads so you’re not wasting money just boosting posts

Now, how do you get started with a Facebook business manager account?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

1. Create the business manager account

Start out by going to and creating your business manager account if you don’t already have one. You can use your regular facebook login to create this account.

Facebook Business Manager home page
Facebook Business Manager login page

2. make sure your facebook business page is added

Once you’re in business manager, go to ‘Business Settings’. This will take you to all of your pages and ad accounts. Make sure you give yourself access to your business page.

This will allow you to choose the page that shows up on your ads. If you own multiple pages, make sure you add yourself to all of them.

Business Manager Business Settings

Once you’re in Business Settings, go to pages and make sure you have access to your business page. If you are not an admin and need to request access, choose the blue ‘Add’ button and request access as needed to your pages.

Note that the admins on the page will need to approve this.


Similar to adding yourself to a business page, make sure you create your ad account for each business page.

From there you can start creating ads from scratch or from posts in your Facebook business page. 

Business Manager Ad Account settings

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